Need to Sell Your House ASAP? Here are the The “How-To’s”

sell your home asap

Do you find yourself saying, “I need to sell my house ASAP!” Well, you are not alone. Last year millions of Americans used alternative methods to sell their properties fast and for CASH. The quick-sale business is booming, for a variety of factors. Let’s examine these top reasons home sellers are turning to this unconventional and hassle-free way of speeding up their home selling process.

Time is a valuable commodity

Have you ever heard the saying, time is money? Well, turns out it is true. When you are thinking about selling your home, every day it sits unsold costs you. Mortgages, utility bills and home maintenance don’t take a vacation while you are waiting for a buyer. Many off market home sales directly to a cash investor can occur within a week, or in some cases, as little as 3 days.

Control is not a bad word

There is a quote that says “control your own destiny or someone else will.” Never truer than when you are selling your home. A quick home sale puts you in the driver’s seat. From pricing to timeframes, you are in the know through the entire process. As the seller, you dictate the escrow date and when you turn over the keys. Chalk one up for getting it done.

Ugly ducklings welcome

Property not in pristine condition? Looming repairs that you cannot afford making you lose your sleep, your hair, your mind or all three? Cash investors purchase your home “as-is.” As the seller, you are not required to make any repairs. From fire damage to homes in need of major work or minimal cosmetic touch ups, they buy them all. That is the true beauty of a quick home sale. For once, looks do not matter. Hey, this is starting to make sense.

The one vs. the many

Decisions, decisions. In our modern world, you could argue that less is more. With a quick home sale, you generally deal with one representative. Selling your home via traditional methods can involve multiple individuals and leave you feeling like you are stretched a bit thin. If you are interested in streamlining your involvement and moving with your life, a quick sale could be just what you have been looking for.

Show me the money

Ready for the best part? Yep, you guessed it! Cold, hard CASH. Few things in life bring such joy. Unlike traditional home sales, where you are left paying for closing costs, relator commissions and title and HOA fees, the cash investor covers these for you. While your neighbors are enduring open house after open house and wasting their weekends watching the total strangers trample through their home en masse, you will be watching the game in your new home, on vacation or paying off some old bills with your new ones.

So, if you are waking in the night thinking, “I need to sell my house ASAP !” the good news is you can. Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Don’t make the mistake of hoping and wishing it will sell quickly. In the real world, the spoils go to the ones who take the situation in hand and get things done. A quick home sale allows you to get back to living life, on your terms.

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